U.S. History

Semester 2   Spring 2022

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Jan 11

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Rise of the dictators & Great Depression

Jan 19


Study World War II

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Cold War





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Cold War Home Assignments
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Cold War Videos and Assignments

Civil Rights in the 50's
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Cold War Ends

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Reagan and Gorbachev

The Cold War Ends
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See the source imageSome people claimed that Reagan was an extremist who would get the United States into a shooting war with Russia and China. Reagan was strong and the Russians respected him. The Soviets knew they could not bully Ronald Reagan.

Reagan and the leader of Russia respected each other and were able to develop a strong friendship built on that respect. Both men knew that they could trust the other to do what they said. That respect led to the end of the Cold War.

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May 11

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The Century - America's Time

Easy week so you can catch-up

May 18

In this lesson you will learn about Thurgood Marshall and Civil Rights

in the 1950's. Mr. Schneemann will tell a story about his experience with Jim Crow laws.

Thurgood Marshall used the court system to fight for civil rights. He was eventually appointed to the Supreme Court by President Johnson.

Civil Rights 1950's
Black History Month Celebration

May 25

This is your final assignment for this semester. There is so much history that I wanted to cover but did not have the time.

Good luck. I look forward to working with you again in Senior Government.

You are a great group of students and I have enjoyed working with you this semester.

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Ronald Reagan (R) & Tip O'Neil (D)

Farewell Address

Back in the 1980's Ronald Reagan, Republican, was president. The House of Representatives was controlled by the  Democrats and Tip O'Neil was Speaker of the House.  Every week, conservative Ronald Reagan and Liberal Tip O'Neil would have lunch together. These two men had vastly different opinions about government. Yet, they worked together on many important issues and were able to pass many important laws needed by our country.

Today, that camaraderie between Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal no longer seems to exist. There is so much hatred and vitriol between politicians, I am concerned that you may acquire a negative opinion about our country and its institutions.  It wasn't always that way and it does not have to be that way in the future. You can build an America that values all races, and is tolerant of the political opinions of others without hatred and vitriol.

Ronald Reagan was president for eight years. Your final assignment is to listen to his "Farewell Address," and write a couple of paragraphs expressing your opinions about what he had to say. You do not have to agree with President Reagan. He encouraged us to be tolerant of the opinions of other people. Reagan was a humble man. He had a plaque on his desk that said, "it is amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit."  Because of you I am optimistic that America's best days are ahead of us.

Congratulations! You have finished your U.S History Class ------ You have been a great group of students to work with and I will miss you. ....... Check out our YouTube Channel, "bvhigh." .. Lots of Bonita stuff to entertain you.